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Companies in electro mobility and smart mobility sectors

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viernes, 18 de julio de 2014 a las 16:10

INTRASME Innovation Network Platform is to enable exchange of information and sharing knowledge between different stakeholders of the electro mobility and smart mobility value chains.

This suitable tool for European companies aims at giving your technologies international visibility and providing you with supporting tools and inspiring best practices. The 4 Fora are at your full disposal to promote your company, call for partnerships, inform about relevant events and updates in your region/sector.

INTRASME focuses on the changing role that SMEs have on innovation mechanisms for the transport sector; the emerging low carbon transport market will be used as the vehicle to examine the barriers to innovation and develop mechanisms to support the potential of SMEs in bringing innovations to the market quickly. This platform analyses how well R&D projects including FP7 have led to innovative products and services in Transport Markets.

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