Soft Landing Club: International relations for creation and business growth

Do you want to do business in other countries? The European BIC Network (EBN) provides your soft landing

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Soft Landing Club

Soft Landing Club

The Soft Landing Club is a network of business incubation programs that provide assistance to innovative companies under the support of EBN Business Innovation Centres(BICs) and other incubators at a selection of global locations.


The objective is provide additional help beyond the traditional business incubation services offered to domestic firms. To accelerate foreign companies’ learning processes, help them make contacts in the new country, and provide access to the resources necessary to meet their business goals.


Internationalisation is vital for SMEs to prosper in an increasingly competitive world and could contribute to sustaining employment. There is a strong correlation between SMEs being internationally active and having better than average business performance scores. Business incubation programs are at the heart of many local innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems and serve start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and the surrounding clusters in which they operate. They aim to support their clients’ international expansion.


Some Soft Landing Club Services:


• Access to offices, located inside BICs in Europe and other international centers in different locations.

• Access to new international markets, activating privileged EBN partnerships in the U.S. China, Russia, Brazil and other countries.

• Logistical support and advice from the BIC team or international center.

• Business support and expert advice on all legal, financial, cultural and practical issues of doing business in a particular country.

• Facilitate international collaborations across the globe.


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