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One of the most innovative ideas of 2013

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AMP Americas is a Chicago-based company that makes compressed natural gas. While the alternative fuel market already has plenty of businesses that call themselves innovative, this one truly is: Its fuel is converted from cow manure. The company's innovation were highlighted in March in The New York Times, which said the fuel was being used by a dairy farm to power it 42 tractor-trailers that deliver its milk to different states.


AMP Americas is building a network of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations on major highways corridors across the United States. Runs one of the largest CNG fleets in the US, carrying 80,000-lb loads over 20,000 miles a day. The farm is now turning the extra manure into fuel for its delivery trucks, powering 42 tractor-trailers that make daily runs to raw milk processing plants in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. And is running sophisticated $12 million “digester” facilities that process its overabundance of manure, capturing natural gas that runs electric generators or is pumped underground to a fueling station.


The company owns and operates renewable-gas assets including on-farm anaerobic digesters. They can source and deliver renewable forms of methane for requests. Offsetting diesel fuel with renewably produced CNG is a technically feasible and economically viable pathway to reduce emissions throughout your supply chain. One of the best and successful ideas of business innovation of this year that combines research and development with the environment and current market demand.

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