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Interview to Bonin Bough by Stuart Wade

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martes, 03 de diciembre de 2013 a las 05:49

Bonin Bough is a gregarious executive for a digital era. Imposing in ambition and wit, the vice president of global media and consumer engagement for Mondelēz International strives for authenticity in his every interaction.


In an effort to energize staid brands, Mondelēz's accelerator Mobile Futures is deploying new social and mobile innovations. For example, the snack-food company is pairing its Trident gum with mobile music app Lisnr to give consumers exclusive content via TV and social sites.


We sat down with the F100 marketing veteran (formerly with PepsiCo) who's keeping a sharp eye out for game-changing ideas.


How do you capture the spirit of entrepreneurship within a big company?

I think there is a shift happening now where we are open-sourcing innovation. When Mondelēz and Kraft split, we asked ourselves, "What does the future of a big organization like ours look like?" We see ourselves as the world's largest startup. With Mobile Futures, the goal is not just to identify startups we want to work with, but also to create cultural transference so that we are closer to entrepreneurship and better business partners.


Isn't the creative incubator team always at the mercy of the parent?

Big organizations suffer from politics, regime change. The thing is, those who "think different" actually grow inside of big organizations, but it takes a certain kind of talent who is willing to be different. The org is inherently built to create non-risk-takers, and yet this is all about risk immersion.


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