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Spanish talent and North American market

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viernes, 13 de junio de 2014 a las 16:24

Silicon Valley is known as one of the centers of talent, business and technological development worldwide. Mecca of talent. And also one of the most competitive business environments.


A few days ago we knew the interesting graphic Where Silicon Valley's Talent Comes From by Richard Florida, an American urban economist and strategic thinker leader. Where the Spanish talent has a not very significant presence. But this should not cause discouragement, one of the worst enemies of the entrepreneur, because are not a few cases of successful businessmen, entrepreneurs and Spanish companies in the American dream.


A quick review leads us to names like Dani Roig, co-founder of Phobious. The Díez Ferreira brothers with Redkaraoke. Or companies as hallst.com, justinmind, Enertis Solar, or owl4schools.


The task is not easy, but today we can find many resources for the implementation and business development, and Spanish entrepreneurs and companies can benefit from multiple opportunities.


In particular there are many platforms dedicated to this area as Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center, Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley Startup Jobs (where you can find also partners and common ideas), or Joint Venture.


For the Spanish case, an interesting resource is Spain Tech Center, an initiative to facilitate the landing and commercial implementation of Spanish technology companies in the North American market. Companies in The Spain Tech Center have access to specialized resources designed to assist with their launch into the American market. This includes initial business development assistance, access to a preferred network of service providers, and business model consulting services.


The goal is one of the most competitive environments, but also one of the best platforms that your idea and business career may have worldwide. It is clear that the presence of Spanish talent in the U.S. market, compared to giants like India and Japan, have much to do. But today more than ever, international relations and resources are available to support the Spanish ideas to come to fulfill their entrepreneurial dream.

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