More women entrepreneurs to create growth and jobs

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lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012 a las 15:12

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Women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs

Women's entrepreneurial potential is a very much underexploited source of economic growth and new jobs. The fact that women only account for 34.4% of the self-employed in Europe suggests that they need more encouragement to become entrepreneurs. As a source of inspiration and practical advice for women, the European Commission has set up a European Ambassadors’ Network and a European Mentors’ Network. Now it is up to the women themselves to take up the challenge...


As things stand, women account for over half of the population but for only a third of the EU's entrepreneurs. This leaves considerable untapped human potential that is sorely needed to boost economic growth and create the new jobs required in today’s difficult economic climate. If more women can be motivated to start up and lead companies, this could generate growth and jobs across the EU.


The European Commission sees an important economic role for women as is clear from the wording of the Europe 2020 Strategy for growth and jobs. One of its targets for the year 2020 is a 75% employment rate for women and men aged from 20 to 64 – this will be achieved by getting more people into work, especially women, the young, older and low-skilled people and legal migrants.


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Source: Enterprise & Industry magazine

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