How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive In Volatile Times

By Colleen McMorrow, EY Entrepreneurial Services Leader, Canada

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martes, 29 de octubre de 2013 a las 19:29

How many different definitions have you heard for the term entrepreneur. Some will say it’s anyone who runs a business. Others will say it comes down to taking financial risks. But for me, it’s about the ability to work outside one’s comfort zone and make breakthroughs in tough times. The reality is, no entrepreneur — especially in a recovering economy such as what we’re experiencing now— can afford to be complacent or afraid of the challenges they face.


Feeling the impact of the latest financial crisis, entrepreneurial strategies have been forced to evolve. Companies that want to thrive in this “forever changed” operating environment need to focus now, more than ever, on four key areas.


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Author: Colleen McMorrow, EY Entrepreneurial Services Leader, Canada

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