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By Neil Kane, president of Illinois Partners.

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Today we suggest reading an interesting article via Forbes, by Neil Kane, president of Illinois Partners Executive Services, who specializes in bringing research innovations, news and proposals to market.


Neil Kane currently is the founder and president of Illinois Partners Executive Services, working in a variety of ways that include evaluating technology, sourcing capital and providing interim management; with the objective of commercializing promising technologies and helping outstanding principal investigators and entrepreneurs build world-class companies.


Recognized for excellence in entrepreneurship by the National Science Foundation and named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Kane is an acknowledged leader in technology commercialization with extensive start-up experience with over 25 years of experience. He described himself as dynamic entrepreneur/executive/innovator and follows his first rule of entrepreneurship is: Know Thyself.


In this article Kane presents his opinion on when know the moment to leave up or develop in a different way your startup, through his personal experience in companies such as Advanced Diamond Technologies, reminding times when "we had reached the inflection point where we needed to transition from being a development-stage company, with a heavy emphasis on technology, to one that was focused on business operations and product excellence. In other words, the culture of the company needed to change and sometimes it’s easier to cement a culture change by bringing in an outsider.".


According to Kane, "being a startup CEO is so taxing emotionally that if you’ve lost the fire, the passion, it’s time to go, for the best of your business; put your interests as a shareholder in front of your interests as an employee. And if entrepreneurship is in your veins, you’ll have the chance to fight the good fight again."


·· Reading complete article via Forbes

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